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Lincoln Park Metropolitan District Overview


The Lincoln Park Metropolitan District (the District) is a quasi-municipal corporation and a political subdivision of the State of Colorado organized in 1983 pursuant to Article 1 of Title 32, C.R.S., also known as the “Special District Act.” The District was formed for the purposes of providing street, traffic and safety control, water, wastewater, storm drainage, parks and recreation and public transportation facilities and services for the benefit of the property owners and residents of the District.

The District encompasses approximately 551 acres of mixed-use property and has a population of approximately 3,100 people. Most of the privately-owned property in the District is located in unincorporated Douglas County, although the privately-owned property located north of E-470 is located within the Town of Parker.

The western portion of the District encompasses approximately 478 acres which constitutes the northern portion of the Stonegate planned development. This area is comprised of approximately 122 acres of existing and planned residential development, including 1,121 existing single family detached homes and condominium units.

The balance of property in the western portion of the District includes a public elementary school, a public charter school, a privately-owned preschool, a fire station, a church, a District-owned community pool and tennis courts, other parks, recreation and open space areas, storm drainage and irrigation water detention and holding ponds, a wastewater treatment facility and public rights-of-way, including a segment of the E-470 toll road. The eastern portion of the District encompasses approximately 73 acres of publicly-owned property that includes the Town of Parker’s Parker Recreation Center, a portion of Douglas County’s Challenger Regional Park, open space and public rights-of-way.

Sources of Revenue

Property and Specific Ownership Taxes

The primary source of revenue to the District is the general ad valorem property tax levied on and against all of the taxable property within the District. The District also receives a proportionate share of specific ownership taxes imposed by the State in connection with the registration of certain motor vehicles.

Fees and Charges

The District imposes a variety of fees and charges for various purposes, including monthly facilities maintenance fees, street maintenance fees, as well as fees for the rental of District park and recreational facilities and various one-time fees payable in connection with the development of property in the District and connection to the potable water, irrigation and wastewater collection systems. SVMD collects all monthly fees and charges on behalf of the District and remits the amounts collected to the District. Fees for the rental of District park and recreational facilities are paid directly to the District. All one-time development-related fees are payable directly to the District and, with the exception of the plan administration fee, are remitted by the District to other entities to the extent required.

Conservation Trust Fund Revenue

The District is eligible for and receives distributions from the State Conservation Trust Fund administered by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. Such amounts, which Department of Local Affairs. Such amounts, which are derived from the State Lottery, are distributed quarterly to eligible public entities on a per capita basis and are restricted in use to the acquisition, development and maintenance of new conservation sites or for capital improvements or maintenance.


District Consultants and Contractors

    Management Services
Accounting Services
Legal Services
Landscaping Services
Pool Management
Engineering Services
     CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
     CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
     Icenogle Seaver Pogue, PC
     BrightView Landscaping
     Front Range Recreation
     RG Consulting Engineers, Inc.


The LPMD Board of Directors holds monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesday of each month at the offices of CliftonLarsonAllen. Additional information concerning the District can be found on its publicly available transparency notice, found at sdaco.org

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